Phil Steiner

President and Founder

Mindy Steiner

International Partner Development

Shane Burge

Project Management and Church Relations

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Amanda Burge

School Relations, Development and Marketing

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Max Sabido

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Be2Live is excited to announce another staff member to the team!

We are excited to announce that Shane and Amanda Burge and their two boys have joined Be2Live!

Shane is a former Crossfit Box owner and Amanda, a collegiate soccer coach and Business Professor. Shane and Amanda’s giftings are strong compliments for the future trajectory of Be2live and their heart for people, justice and joining in God’s redemptive work in this world will help further Be2Live’s mission. Join us in welcoming the Burges to Mexico!

In 2017 the Burge family visited La Mision for the first time, and as cliché as it might sound, knew then there was something about the people, the culture, and the country that was drawing them.  Having built a small business for the previous 5 years, the idea of shifting gears to allow more time in Mexico came as just as much of a shock to the family as it did those around them. Over the course of the next two years, God would set things in motion leading the Burge’s to a permanent cross-country move from Indiana to La Mision, Mexico.  Shane and Amanda are thrilled to continue working alongside the incredible people of Mexico, as well as developing deeper relationships in Ghana Africa.

Shane and Amanda married in 2003 and have two sons; Micah (11) and Isaiah (9) who are also excited to continue in this adventure of service, justice, and education.

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We are excited to also announce that Max Sabido Has joined our team!

Max Sabido grew up in Marin with a Christian family going to church every Sunday and youth group every Wednesday. He grew up knowing about all the things that God had done but never really understanding God’s heart. The little glimpses of God’s kingdom he saw while growing up was through the service he did on the Be2Live Trips throughout High School. Max went to Terra Linda High School, California Virtual Academy and Nova, Novato independent study, for high school and he came out of it a semester early and understanding a lot of the hardships that high schoolers go through in Marin and the rest of America. Max really understood the stress of trying to be someone you’re not and trying to figure out college and trying to plan out the future. He was swallowed up by these pitfalls and by different coping mechanisms and came out with the knowledge of what not to do and how to stay afloat,

In the Spring of 2018, Max signed up for my last week-long Mexico service trip with the faintest idea of spending a semester next year in Mexico through Be2Live. That “last” trip really cemented the idea of a Gap Semester in Mexico he committed to attending. So the spring of 2019 Max spent February-May living with Phil and Mindy Steiner and 2 other students learning their heart and my heart and God’s heart and he realized that 3 months wasn’t enough. Max spent most of the summer with Be2Live helping lead their week-long service trips and connecting with students through his struggles of getting through High School. June and July he was trying to figure out a way to stay long term in Mexico. The last trip of the season God put it in his heart and Be2Live’s that even though nobody had a clear cut job position he had to stay on with Be2Live. So he took a step and asked Be2Live Staff if we could figure out a way for Max to join and they said YES.